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California Cash for Cars

You are lucky if you live in southern California because junk cars are worth more there than anywhere else in the country. Don't worry though if you live in the Bay Area, or anywhere in the state for that matter, you still have an edge over the rest of the country.

This is because junk cars that are recycled become scrap metal which is shipped off to china, and it's cheaper to ship scrap cars from California than from the east coast like NY.

When your junk car is in southern California, you have the added advantage of being near Mexico. Many junk cars can be salvaged and resold, and cars, especially pickup trucks and vans sell for more money near Los Angeles, San Diego and the southern part of the state.

We understand you are in a hurry and looking to get the best junk car price possible.

Cash for scrap cars will provide a speedy quote online or when you call us at 1-800-227-7880. We are prepared to pay you cash for your junk car.

Selling your junk car shouldn’t be difficult. As long as you have a valid title, registration and call in you will receive a quote for your junk car in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a damaged car, a wrecked car, flood damaged or totaled. The process should be easy.

Getting cash for junk cars in United States is easy. Paying cash for junk cars is a vehicle recycling process. In United states, we provide a one stop sell your junk car service. Our experienced Car Buyers come to you and we buy your used car and give a fair amount of cash for your junk car. You do not have to compromise on your safety. We buy junk and used cars of any year and in any condition.

cash for junk cars
cash for junk cars


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