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Pick your junk car to business that pays good amount for your junk car to realize some value of your car. Salvage sell the parts of your car in a very reasonable prize so before you sell your car, ensure you get the maximum value of it.

What to do before selling your car?

  1. Establish ownership: Your car will be picked up from the owner of the junk car so if you are not owner then establish ownership prior to your name.
  2. Access the value: Arm yourself with as much information as you can about the condition of vehicle. When you will get pick your junk car, they will ask you basic details about your junk car, damaged but they will not charge you to pick up your junk car.
  3. Get Prices: There are many business websites which pay you enough cash for your car, some will pick up your junk car in free or other will charge you to pick up.
  4. Deliver your car: There is no need to do this; they will come to pick up your junk car as given the details by you i.e. time & location.

When your vehicle is no longer roadworthy that doesn’t mean it is not worth money. No matter how old your vehicle is, there is still a chance to get the money for it. Vbuycars gives you enough cash to pick up your junk car in Orange County and don’t charge to pick up your car.

If you are running out of cash and you want to get rid of it then selling your junk car is the fastest and easiest option to get rid of it.

Many people advertise online to pick up the junk car but be careful while you are advertising like do not respond to people offering to pay via a wire transfer or personal check. People who offer you the asking price before coming to see the car are probably scammers.

How we will pick your junk car?

  1. Call us here - 1-800-227-7880 or do the enquiry through the email.
  2. Give the basic information about the condition of your car?
  3. We will give the idea of amount we will pay.
  4. If you are comfortable then give us the exact time and location to pick up your car.
  5. Just wait for our staff member to pick up your car.
  6. Don’t forget to collect the receipts and other papers.

cash for junk cars
cash for junk cars


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